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Assam Zoo Awaits Nod to Court to Showcase Exotic Species | Guwahati News

By on August 7, 2022 0
GUWAHATI: More than two dozen survivors exotic wild speciessmuggled from Australia, South America and Malaysia via wet markets in Southeast Asia, can become a big attraction for visitors to Assam State Zoo here after legal clearance.
The species, which includes a primate, kangaroo and macaw, was badly stressed when rescued by forestry officers, but forest department sources said it had almost fully recovered after a prolonged treatment at the zoo. Seizures have been made since 2020 and the last two shipments were captured in Hajo near Guwahati and in Karbi Anglong district.
“Even though the smuggled species have recovered and adapted to the local environment, we need legal permission before they can be shown to visitors. The Forest Department can’t even release them into the wild without court order,” a senior zoo official said.
Officials said the state zoo, one of the city’s top tourist attractions, needs valuable items from which it can boost visitor income. “With the exception of a giraffe, a few hippos and a binturong, we don’t have many species endemic to countries outside of Asia. No court rulings have come to rehabilitate the rescued animals that are arrived here since 2020. This is a very tricky situation because before 2020 we never tackled these seized wild species that have foreign roots,” an official said. The zoo authority is paying a large sum for feed the exotic fauna, for which she has to bring mealworms, super worms and dried fruits from Pune.
He said the species seized, under surveillance at the zoo, which numbered more than 30, were stressed due to their journey in crowded cages in vehicles. “There were many reasons to believe that the seized wildlife consignments came from Myanmar, but Mizoram and Manipur were the transit routes,” another source said, adding that the seizures indicate a growing trend of them. keep as pets in different parts of the country. “The northeast is just the transit route,” he said.
The oldest shipment dates back to July 2020, where officials said a kangaroo, three exotic tortoises, four blue macaws and two capuchin monkeys are still under surveillance by the state zoo authority. Other species include a wallaby, numerous primates, a golden-headed tamarin (endemic to Brazil), macaws, among others. Officials said most of them are endemic to Indonesia, Malaysia, South America and Australia.